Karnavati Public School
Karnavati Public School
Kashiram Bhavan Complex, Nr. L. D. Engineering College, University Road,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 015. Phone: 079-26300448, 26306316
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Karnavati Public School
Past Events (September 2016)

  1. Ganesh Chaturthi

  2. Visit to Amul Parlour

  3. Green Day
Karnavati Public School is a morning school. It primarily aims at offering to its students a safe, healthy, systematic and holistic environment which helps the students to achieve their utmost potential in all spheres of life by developing their intellectual, physical and emotional abilities and capabilities in order to acquire the right attitude, critical thinking and creative skills to face the challenges of a bigotry society and develop the perseverance to adapt to an ever-changing societal dynamics.

The schools aspires to serve the educational, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of every child, to create a learning atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will grow up to become an enlightened and responsible citizen of the country and a constructive member of the society.

In order to achieve the aims of the school, the school will strive to explore and inculcate newer possibilities apart from the traditional modes of imparting education. Using technology as an important means, students will be active participants of the schooling process. The teachers will act as mentors, counsellors and guides of the students by supporting the students in achieving their aspirations and evaluating and assessing their progress and overall development.

The mission of the faculty members of The Karnavati Public School is to provide an encouraging environment in which every child is treated equally and is given the opportunity to obtain academic excellence. The teachers help the students in their overall development by guiding them through the schooling process.

Karnavati Public School is bestowed with a team of very capable, dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers which hails from different fields like Medical, Engineering, Architecture (CEPT), Accountancy etc. and works under the able-guidance of The School’s Principal who is the pioneer of the School since over a decade. She is very industrious and devoted to her duty towards the school and its students. The principal together with the teams of teachers endeavours to take the students on a path of knowledge and wisdom. The faculty members of the school believe that education is not to fill up the pails but to lighten the fire inside the tender minds of the students. Karnavati Public School is proud to announce that its students have been obtaining a 100% result in Board examinations since past many years.
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